Side Art scanning

I started scanning in the side art for Rampage World Tour tonight. My previous attempt had involved trying to scan while the machine was upright using a scanner that was flaky, and the motor crapped out on me halfway through one side. The scanner I’m using now (an HP ScanJet G3010) works fine when upside down, so I was able to just push the machine onto its side and scan away!

The next step is stitching the 36 images together, cleaning out the scuffs/scratches, and (possibly) creating new images for silkscreening. Not sure if I’m going to go to all that trouble for something that likely very few people will use, but I figure it might be an interesting exercise. Unfortunately, this is not something that can easily be vectorized, as it’s made up of lots of gradients from early 3D graphics. We’ll see, though…

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