(For background information, check out part 1)

Over the course of several months, I acquired the following (largely from KLOV members):

  • PCB, ARII board, wiring harness, control panel wiring + buttons ($140 shipped)
  • Replacement side art, ($93 shipped on sale from Phoenix Arcade)
  • Trackball rebuild kit, carriage bolts, new cam locks, and AC line cord ($49 shipped from Bob Roberts)
  • Marquee ($38.50 shipped)
  • Coin door harness ($20 shipped)
  • Trackball unit ($18 shipped)
  • 18″ under cabinet portable fluorescent light ($12 from Home Depot)

When I finally got everything together, I delayed greatly in actually testing things – and it serves me right for procrastinating, they didn’t work!

When I powered everything up, I got some funky stuff on the screen and some strange sounds:

I tested all the voltages as recommended by some others on KLOV, but couldn’t figure out what was causing it. After much delaying, I finally put out a call for someone locally who was willing to help me out. I took my boards over to rzgrip’s house in Strongsville, put them in his working machine, and they were working fine! Which meant that the problem must have been in my power supply. He happened to have a spare power supply with a fresh-looking big blue capacitor which he suggested replacing on my own board. I did the swap, and it solved the problems in my cab!

I also rebuilt the trackball using the new rollers and bearings from Bob Roberts, which made the trackball work nice and smoothly. With that taken care of, all the electronics were working and ready.

Next up: cosmetics.

Continued in part 3.

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