Centipede Restoration, Part 4

(For background info, check out part 1part 2, and part 3)

After enough dilly-dallying, it was time for me to finally get this cab cleaned up. Although I had a good-looking set of side art, I was first interested in seeing if the original art could be salvaged from underneath the paint. In retrospect, this was pretty foolish of me, as it was only major scratches in the black paint that even let me know the side art was still under there, but it at least explains my next steps.

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Centipede Restoration, Part 2

(For background information, check out part 1)

Over the course of several months, I acquired the following (largely from KLOV members):

  • PCB, ARII board, wiring harness, control panel wiring + buttons ($140 shipped)
  • Replacement side art, ($93 shipped on sale from Phoenix Arcade)
  • Trackball rebuild kit, carriage bolts, new cam locks, and AC line cord ($49 shipped from Bob Roberts)
  • Marquee ($38.50 shipped)
  • Coin door harness ($20 shipped)
  • Trackball unit ($18 shipped)
  • 18″ under cabinet portable fluorescent light ($12 from Home Depot)

When I finally got everything together, I delayed greatly in actually testing things – and it serves me right for procrastinating, they didn’t work!

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Centipede Restoration, Part 1

This is the second restoration that I’ve done, and the first that I’ve really documented. Brace yourself for a lot of pictures and prose!

I purchased this Tournament Arkanoid machine from someone on Craigslist back in 2010. It was cheap, and I had always enjoyed playing Arkanoid as a kid. However, the cabinet was not exactly what you’d call… dedicated. The marquee didn’t quite fit, and the side art, while it looks pretty decent from afar, is actually hand-painted.


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